Three rather clever materials

Three rather clever materials I have recently come across. Of interest?  Mic

A high performance plastic
Victrex make high performance plastic (ie where chemical, wear, electrical and temperature resistance is especially important) of the Polyargletherketone variety (OK, I’m showing off here –easier to type than pronounce nor do I understand how, at molecular or atomic levels, it is formed or its properties created!

They offer it in films, standard shapes, and also as granules suitable for mounding.  Details via: site entry at: with case studies of the material in use at: and data sheets at:

Blast level indicator
The material described here shows level of blast by molecular disruption resulting in a colour change – the first use is to help the determination of the size of blast (and thus the likely trauma) impacting on troops within a war zone.  The material must I have other uses, I can think of some potential applications.

A nano-material surface coating that prevents ice formation.
Topical eh! Still in the lab and, no doubt very expensive, but useful for niche, high value applications – and no doubt, the military.  Perhaps rally drivers would find it helpful at this time of year or those crazy guys racing to the pole (and back)!

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