AR – Lesson 1

1- Test how the markers from the previous post work on my site –

2 – Download the source files and unzip folder which was sent to you in an email.


3 – Quickly draw two markers in illustrator using the template included in the source files and print. You have to leave the black border but change the rest how ever you like, the cameras we will use to pick up the markers are low res so anything finer will be read as a block – but that is something you could play with. Try and make one basic marker using block shapes and another more subtle. Markers should not be symmetrical in more than one axis, otherwise animation will flip when markers are moved.

4 – go to and open the marker generator (link is item no.2 on the how to use instructions )

5 – hold your printed markers up to the camera (one at a time) and wait for the program to put a red highlight line around it. Once recognised in this way press the button ‘Get pattern’. (don’t mess with any of the other settings)

6 – the preview marker screen will pop-up, if your marker looks OK and is the right way up etc. then click save current. Save to the downloaded ‘AR source files’ folder with a new appropriate file name.

7 – repeat with the second marker.

8 – copy both files and paste into ‘flar’ folder. This can be found in AR course files > assets > flar.

9- now drag the files called marker1.pat and marker2.pat out of the ‘flar’ folder and paste into the AR source files. Rename both files adding _copy to each file name (i.e marker1_copy.pat)

10 – come back to the ‘flar’ file and rename your new markers as marker1.pat and marker2.pat 11. now launch the FLARTest.swf file and hold your new markers up to the camera – they should correspond to my animations.

11 – Think of a great idea – how can you integrate 2 AR markers into a meaningful interactive experience?

12 – Repeat the steps above but instead of creating new markers and replacing them in the source files – create new .swf animations and try replacing the existing animations.

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