Design School Ethical Processes & Materials

Attached you will find some standard materials and a flow chart of our processes.  This is introductory material, intended for use on “taught programmes” and unlikely to be sufficient for those undertaking Masters or Doctorate level research.  In most cases your Module Tutor will be able to give you the approval you need before starting work but only in response to a completed ethical approval form (below).  In many of the documents Kevin Hilton is identified as the chair of DSEC (Design School Ethics Committee) but this is likely to change to me shortly.  So I get any questions/observations… OK?
DSEC Process Flow Diagram 3 (2) – General flowchart for our processes
Handbook Ethics Guidance – A one page basic guide
Informed Consent Form 4 – A general form for informed consent, qv the form I offer in the Y1 grip assignment materials
Ethical Approval form 6 (2) – Essential form – the starting point for any request for approval
UG Ethics Intro – copy of the PPt slides I used with DFI/TD4 recently.

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