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Manual Handling – the next topic for the ergonomics modules

The pdf of the next full handout can be downloaded from here: manual_handling_assesment_11 Enjoy!  Mic

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An Infographic Sculpture Shows Ocean Waves, Thousands Of Miles Away

Now all that is needed is a wave powered generator and you’ll turn art into power!  I wonder how many houses can be provided with electricity for from one installation?  Mic

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An ergonomics electric bike – No!

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Extreme Sport

Ok so I am late to these two extreme sports – but in case you are too… For Bedouin camel racing in Qatar the jockey of choice was once a small Bangladeshi or Pakistani boy (some as young as 4 … Continue reading

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DE0832 – Biology Influencing Design

Attached please find a little generic feedback to your recent assignment and a lot that should help and inform your future work. I am happy to help with anything that is not clear – indeed I am happy to help with anything … Continue reading

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DE0833 Ergonomics [A very brief intro. to evaluation/data collection)

Attached is some genric feedback – hopefully helpful now but also relevant to your final year as you seek to justify your design work and evaluate the work of others. Any questions? Mic Testing and evaluation [DR]

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Spray on Aerials (British for Antenna (American!))

An amazing material – Chamtech make big claims but you creative bods can surely think of even more applications! Go amaze yourselves! Mic

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