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Upon this days – for March

This year:020312, 160312, 160312, 2303012, 300312 Previous years: 070309, 130309, 200309ludwig, 270309Alexander Kielland,  180311, 250311

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Evaluating chairs for comfort

A short handout and (self) assessment questionnaire as used recently with 3D2. Mic Assessing Chair Comfort [2012]

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A listen, a play and a little crumpling

A listen and a play both in Tyne and Wear Museums and a little crumpling: Listen to the sounds made by some of the items found in the museum’s back store (part of the AV festival): Play (with Lego) … Continue reading

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Uffington Horse – with added rider.

The image:,r:0,s:0 And a  video of the making: Enjoy!

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Asbestos in Schools

I recently had my attention drawn to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Occupational Health and Safety and their recent call for action regarding “Asbestos in Schools”.  This short report (2012) clearly shows the significant risks for anybody who has attended a … Continue reading

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Ashamed to say I had never heard of locally born John Cecil Stephenson – now amazed!

John Cecil Stephenson (1889 – 1965) was born in Bishop Auckland but after Darlington and Leeds Art School and the RCA mostly worked in London where he, apparently, knocked around with some big sloshers, chippers, and molders – Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth, … Continue reading

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What would/does the Pentagon want with a running robot?

Darpa (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) now has a robot that can run at over 29 kph (c18 mph) – what will they do with it?  Perhaps you creative designers have some ideas!  Mic

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Time is distance…

In today’s introductory orientation I mentioned semaphore – a short message could now “travel” at 6km per minute.  Then I discovered this  – errors of 20ms – or at the speed of light c6000 Km! GPS “spoofers” — devices that create false GPS signals … Continue reading

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Admitting – a website where charities learn from …

“All my successes have been built on my failures.” – Benjamin Disraeli The development community is failing… to learn from failure. Instead of recognizing these experiences as learning opportunities, we hide them away out of fear and embarrassment. No more. … Continue reading

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Upon these days…. Feburary

This year: 030212, 100212, 170212 & 240212 Last year: 040211, 110211, 180211 trinity & 250211

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