Bill Moggridge – (1943 – 2012)

Bill Moggridge – (1943 – 2012)
If you are looking at this site your dream and intention is probably to follow the inspirational founders of industrial design and make a difference to our designed world!
You might know that one of the greatest, Bill Moggridge, has recently died. The affable, form founding influential designer, design business founder, commentator and curator has been remembered by many; why not investigate the links (and the links they give) Below?
“Last Word” BBC Radio 4 (16:00, 21/9) – iplayer @
On the IDEO site@  (A young (?)John Elliott at back of the shot (c 3’33”?).
Smithsonian, Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum press release and images @
Design Week (By Richard Seymour)@
Guardian Obit @
FT Obit @
New York Times Obit @
And a couple of his recent books to read (have you re-visited that media recently?)… “Designing Interactions” (2006) and “Designing Media” (2010).

Read, dream, follow Bill’s footsteps and then walk on and applying yourself to the creative needs of the world. Walk on and sharing your insights, as many others have done; Rob Law and Tim Brown, for example!

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