A useful and rigerous source: NHS “Behind the Headlines”

The NHS Choices pages contain a section where broadcast and print media reports are subject to critical analysis to determine the accuracy/veracity of the report and the original research.  [Strap line: “the facts without the fiction”] You can find this material at: http://www.nhs.uk/news/Pages/NewsIndex.aspx .
This is often a fine reliable source of information for medical product/service/system based design work.  As an indication of how it might help look at the entry for 17/10!…
Start quote:
Study looks at creativity link with mental illness

‘Creativity is often part of a mental illness according to a study of more than a million people’, BBC News has reported. [Creativity ‘closely entwined with mental illness’. BBC News, October 17 2012]
The image of the tortured artist or the visionary genius beset by personal demons has long been part of our popular culture. But are ‘creatives’ really more prone to mental illness than say, bricklayers or book-keepers.
End quote

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