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German Jelly beats Swiss Chocolate!

Have you noticed the Lindt Chocolate people’s advert for their Christmas Bears stressing the red ribbon and heart they wear over their gold fur?  Well this “dress” has not stopped a German Court judgment that the “Lindt Teddy” would described … Continue reading

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Paperless Office – not yet!

Paperless Office – not yet but here is an early thought on controlling the “paperwork explosion” from an IBM promotion (October 1967) by Jim Henson (later to be of Muppet fame!) Ends with shots of the classic Selectric (“golf … Continue reading

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The ppt of the intro to IPR I used yesterday morning

Enjoy (and don’t forget to check the notes section) Mic

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Presenting with PowerPoint

For most of this long-term it has been my intention to update and revise these material on making presentable PowerPoints – sadly I have been beaten by the calender!  So here are two guides – still useful but looking a little dated now. … Continue reading

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Burns Night

I now know the reference to this in the assignment confused – so here is the explanation. One Robert Burns (1759 – 1796), Scotland’s best known dialect poet, excise man, and philander is celebrated on this night by the eating … Continue reading

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A motorized bike

Over recent years I’ve mentioned the FT’s “How to Spend It” Magazine (and app) to most students as a way to glimpse into the world of the rich. The world where the oft used slogan generally applies “if you have … Continue reading

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A RAIB report on a metro sliding door incident

You might not be Metro traveler but this report about somebody who gets caught in a closing door (don’t worry they are OK… they run off) shows the detailed engineering design that must follow from your “simple” specification of a sliding door … Continue reading

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An example of “copyfraud”…. perhaps

A little amusement and well worth reading down the comments as others work out if the rights are correctly claimed or if it an attempt at “copyfraud”.  As alway remember the American constitution establishes rights of parody and fair comment etc … Continue reading

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