Amazing but how illegal and unaccpetable is this?

Every so often my attention is drawn to something I realise needs considerable attention before I can both understand what is happening and what the repercussions, usually largely undetermined (and certainly un-described) , might be.

This example – forwarded to me by my son – is one such case.  However complex the described scheme is this is un-measurably magnified by the cross border, effectively unbounded, operation of the net.  I post below in its entirely my son’s email and look forward to meaningful discussion with those that believe they understand what the implications are for this, potential, hidden surrogacy operating within your computer:

This article is from a Video game news site/blog so it’s very chatty & quite flippant flippant *but* also about as good a place to read about this as any; basically a game service [not the actual games but a client that they run through to prevent cheating] was using some of the players capacity to mine $3000 of Bitcoins. I mainly send it to emphasise the continuing deep weirdness of the 21c & it’s potential for nested semi-automatic fraud. “

Legally unrestrained creativity when brought to bear on a life/technology combo is simply amazing and has, I am sure, always existed on the fringes of accepted behaviour even from the perspective of un-sceptical, trusting members of society.  Simply, why is the unknown person spray painting a metro bridge a lout but the unknown Bansky a legend?  Was it, always so?  Was Banky’s first graffiti well received by the community that hosted it?

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