The original olympic cauldron?

The URL will take you to a sketchbook produced by Atopia when pitching to the London Olympic games organisation. Their motto is “anticipate the future” but they didn’t foresee that the games would open with a visually and conceptually similar artefact produced by another.

Today’s Guardian has the story and the key images: and reports Locog’s Design Principle Kevin “Owens said he had never seen images of their proposal, but that their strong narrative must have ‘stayed in the psyche’ of his colleagues, who commissioned the opening ceremony. ‘We can only assume that similar conclusions were drawn by the designers,” he added.”

Coincidence? It may look suspiciously like small guy with great idea ripped off by the big but we must wait…“at the length truth will out” [Launcelot Gobbo “The Merchant of Venice”, Act II, Scene 2]

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