RIAB Report in the Metro failure (8/1/13)

You might recall the disruption on the Metro last January 8th when they had a fire. The Rail Accident Investigation Board has recently published its report which may be downloaded from: http://www.raib.gov.uk/cms_resources.cfm?file=/130925_R182013_South_Gosforth.pdf
The engineering minded might be interested in the traction power aspects, perhaps 500 amps @ 1500 volts (DC) at start-up but for the ergonomic problems with the smoke (para 83 et seq); opening via the emergency level (para 34 & 86 et seq); potential risk from live power (para 35 & 79 et seq) and the communications problems (para 34 & 93 et seq ) are noteworthy! In fact the whole report is easy to read but with disturbing aspects! Work a look!
(Posted on the anniversary of Sputnik 1 .. the start of something very big!)

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