Generic feedback for the displays assignment

Although this feedback note was written after a third year assignment had been assessed it is wide-ranging and many others may find it thought provoking and helpful – I certainly wrote the note intending it to have a wider audience!

As usual your comments and feedback are welcomed.
DE0833 generic feedback displays assignment

A final thought… For a while now self driving cars have been undergoing testing in their natural habitat – the road open and urban. I am sure car manufactures could offer such vehicles soon (if not now) but when they do “can you be drunk in charge of an automatic car?” If something goes wrong who is to blame? The programmer in California? You the “driver” who, at the time of the event may be facing the back seat passengers and pouring a drink coffee? The German car manufacture who obviously did something wrong for the undesirable to have happened or even the Government who permitted (if they did) the car to be driven on a UK road with you not looking at the road?

Best wishes,
Mic – Ergonomist, Department of Design

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