Trunki a commentary and (below) a conclusion that you might not expect!

Over the past month my consideration of the Trunki -v- PMS appeal has developed, earlier version were posted here and this is the latest. I welcome your comments and observations!  trunki appeal V15

Ok so that is the formal bit of this post and I commend that to you but there is also a more polemical point to make…
When considering this matter I found myself, increasingly perturbed! There is a fundamental disservice inherent in the case that is never considered. There is no moral or ethical right for adults to act and speak for children or to determine how they might (or should) learn grow to see the world that goes beyond the duty and responsibility to care for their physical wellbeing! (Discuss!)

The untainted and unfettered imagination and determination of children would appear to be far more wholesome than can be observed in most adults. In this case the concept of the “informed user” is simple; a user informed by their imagination not constrained by what they think they know. Why settle for a model of reality when better is available?

When, and to what extent, should it be accept that adults know best? Why not let the user be the user? Why should adults usurp the role and act as pseudo children?

The world would benefit if the free roaming imagination of our young was nurtured and preserved rather than kidnapped and directed towards the dysfunctional view of reality most adults hold. The environment and society of the planet and all life that inhabits it depends upon harvesting, not obliterating the creative imagination we start with! Our society must find ways to support such people from the downward spread of a cynical, power concentrating, consumer driven society.

It is my view that without encouraging and applying the delight, amazement and wonderment of children there is no sustainable future. Simply, the world needs more designers like Rob Law who symbiotically dream as a child and create as an informed technologist. We can’t all be Trunkidaddies but we can ensure that such people flourish?


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