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The URL of an “impairment simulator”

I have recently had my attention drawn (thanks Dan Topping) to an “impairment simulator” (hearing and sight).  If you are working in either/both of these fields it is definitely worth looking at. Mic

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Three rather clever materials

Three rather clever materials I have recently come across. Of interest?  Mic A high performance plastic Victrex make high performance plastic (ie where chemical, wear, electrical and temperature resistance is especially important) of the Polyargletherketone variety (OK, I’m showing off … Continue reading

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But why Melbourne?

Here are a couple of big scale graphics for signage and orientation in car parks – The QV car park: and the Eureka Tower: Not graphics but in case you have not seen the twin (45M) towers of … Continue reading

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Growing protective packing (and a little golf)

Plastic can take a long time to decompose and, usually, oil based is rarely sustainable even when a second or tertiary use can be found – PET bottle may, for example, recycle with a second use in the fabrication of … Continue reading

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15th October


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